23 January 2010

You haven't followed me!

Get your buns over to Thread-and-Butter! I moved so I could talk about my other favorite subject...food!

06 December 2009


I started a new blog! Come visit me at Thread-and-Butter.

See you there!

19 October 2009

I Bleed Orange and Blue

Well, another month and a half has gone by without me posting a project! I promise, I'm not holding back, I'm just not sewing. This one was well worth the wait though. I promise!

I bought this pattern and fabric back in August. How I waited this long to get started, I have no idea!! This is Amy Butler's Frenchy bag. I often sit with a pattern in front of me and a blank stare on my face (ok, I don't really need a pattern for the blank stare!), but her patterns are so incredibly easy to read!

I love how she turned out. And since I have transitioned from purses to totes (I seem to carry a lot of stuff!), this is perfect for me!

And just in case you were wondering who's orange and blue I bleed...WAR EAGLE!

07 September 2009

Labor of Love

Happy Labor Day everyone!! I'd say that sewing is my labor of love! I truly enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that I have after each project.

So, what have I been up to, you might be wondering. I mean, it's only been almost 2 months since I've posted something. What?! 2 months?!

While relaxing in Ormond Beach for a long weekend in July, I came across Byrds Nest Quilt Shop. I can usually be found shopping the $.99 pattern sale at Joanns, but this shop carries Amy Butler patterns. So, I splurged on this $12 Blue Sky Hat pattern. I'm so very glad I did. This was one of the easiest patterns to follow. Amy Butler has a new fan! I had some Anna Maria Horner fabric that I didn't have a project for, so I decided to use it. This hat was a blast to make! I wore it to the beach a few weeks later and it was perfect (even if my hubby told me I looked like I was going to the Kentucky Derby in it!)

My next project was a hobo for my boss, George. This was one of those fabrics that I wasn't too sure about until I saw it on the bag. It's gorgeous!! George picked it out from FabricPalooza. I'm pleased with how it turned out and I think George is too!

Next up were some birth cloths for my friend, Marcella, who is having her 2nd child next month. I picked these fabrics up at this FABULOUS fabric store, Fabric Warehouse in Lakeland (about 45 min from here, but worth the drive!)

And last, but not least, this hat is for Jenni, one of my besties. She loved my Amy Butler beach hat so much, she wanted one for herself. We went shopping at Fireside Quilts where Jenni found this fabulous batik fabric. She coordinated it to her new bathing suit!

Next up, the Frenchy Bag by Amy Butler (see, I told you I was a new fan!)

16 July 2009

Summer Summer Summertime

Remember my "oops"? Well, I couldn't leave my mom without a summer bag. I know, I know, summer is half over, but it really hasn't felt like summer up north anyways, so maybe she'll still get some use out of it.

I tried to get the same fabric as she previously picked out, but it was sold out. So, I picked up this Tommy Bahama fabric. I think it's fabulous! Since the fabric is so busy, I paired it with a solid light teal fabric for the liner.

Oh-and I had a little help with this bag! Here's Jeeves giving me his opinion. I think he likes it!

Before and After

I love looking back at my projects from when I first started sewing. At the time, I was so proud. Now, I cringe a little, but like to see how far I've come!

For example,my thread catcher. It was really bad! So, I remade it.

Before: seams on the outside, uneven stitching, narrow opening, etc

After: You can't see the inside seems, still some uneven stitches, but the opening is wide so my fat hand can fit in there! :)


What's wrong with this picture?

This was supposed to be my mom's summer tote bag. It is now a bundle of fabric scrap :)